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Improving students learning experience by empowering them with knowledge around sexuality education and relationships.

Sexual Health is Still Taboo

We often get uncomfortable and even a little lost when it is brought up. One of the key elements behind this is the fact that we're all different and process things differently.

Neo is a carefully crafted, comprehensive, health education platform which gives students the tools to properly understand and explore sexual and emotional health at their own pace, in a safe environment.

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Neo is for everyone

  • Teachers

    There exists a communication barrier between teachers and students within the sphere of health education.

    Neo strives to overcome this by providing teachers with the necessary tools to improve their health classes and track their students’ progress over the duration of the course.

  • Students

    Students are looking for comprehensive sexual education so Neo combines accurate information with a wide-ranging curriculum. Then it personalizes it for their age and presents the student to a community where they can ask and comment free from judgment and completely anonymous.

  • Family

    Having the "talk" with your children can be tricky; we make it easier. Neo takes a holistic approach to health education, helping students further develop their communication skills. Neo insures accurate and easy to digest information that won’t influence but rather solve students’ critical questions about sexuality and relationships.

Our Approach

Neo provides a scientifically accurate curriculum for different ages but always with the same 8 pillars. We want to contribute by giving students a clear understanding of what is going on with themselves and with the world around them.

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    Providing students with private, personalized, and accessible content relating to critical questions about sexual education and relationships.

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