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Neo is carefully crafted with both educators and young people in mind. We provide educators with the tools needed to improve their students' learning experience from scientifically-accurate information to toolboxes with tips and tricks for talking about sensitive topics to anonymous reporting and more, all within one platform. We'd love for you to join the team!


Getting the right metrics is key to understanding how your group is performing and what your students are interested in. Educators have access to their group's progress and can send quizzes directly to their students through the Neo app.
Empowering schools to track, assess, and understand their students wellbeing – and how it changes over time. Enable educators to make more informed decisions with aggregated and anonymous data.


Neo seeks to make the teaching experience easier. With Neo's toolboxes educators will get access to:
  • Learning objective
  • Facts + figures
  • Anatomy of a question: How to respond to FAQs
  • Key messages
  • Topics for deeper discussion
  • How to talk about each subject
  • Classroom activities

SOS Inbox

Neo SOS allows students to report inappropriate behaviors (bullying, assault, harassment) to the school's faculty in a completely anonymous way, making the school a safe and socially responsible place. Educators will have access to the SOS inbox where they will be able to answer students directly.

Our Process

Kickoff call

Tell us what you want and we'll make sure to deliver. From grade size to a personalized curriculum, we've got you covered!



Neo is completely tailored to your needs. You pick the lessons and topics that you want to include in your curriculum.


Data Migration

Once we have everything ready, it's time to get all students and teachers onboarded.


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Welcome to Neo!


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Providing students with private, personalized, and accessible content relating to critical questions about sexual education and relationships.

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